You have a Hot School membership!

Congratulations! You now have access to Hot School Gratis, which means it’s entirely freeeeeee!!!

So here's what you need to know:

Step 1: Register for the call

The Hot School call happens every Tuesday from 6:30-7:30pm Pacific time.  If you aren’t already registered, you’ll need to register via this link:

Click here to register for the call!

You only need to do this once, and then you can use the same credentials moving forward.  After you click on the link and register with your name and email, you will be given a call-in number and your unique pin.  Use them both when you call in on Tuesday at 6:30pm Pacific time.

Step 2: Call in and listen for the first month

Because there are so many new concepts that you will be learning in Hot School, your first month is listen only.  This will give you a chance to take in the format of the show and hear how it all works without getting too mired in trying to solve relationship challenges right out of the gate.  Most of the women in Hot School will tell you that so much changes for them just by listening every week.  It’s powerful dude wisdom, so soak it up!

Step 3: Access the recording online

The latest Hot School recording is available online all week long and can be accessed through your account.  Having the recording available is great if you want to hear the show again to remember what the Superhotties said, or just to listen deeper a second time through.  Additionally, if you can’t make the call on a Tuesday, it’s nice to know the recording will be there waiting for you to listen when you can.  In fact, some Hot School Hotties listen exclusively and rarely attend live due to their schedules. To listen to the latest recording, use the “Audio” link above or click here.

Step 4: Use your account

In addition to accessing the Hot School recording, your account can also be used to update your password or email.  To visit your account, use the “My Account” link above or click here.  

Step 5: Have fun and learn how men work!

This is our favorite part — having fun!  That’s what’s so great about Hot School:  we take something that tends to cause women a lot of pain and make it fun while delivering awesome solutions to your dating and relating woes.

Thanks so much, and welcome to Hot School!!

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